Robust Details provide an alternative method of complying with Part E of the building regulations to pre-completion sound testing, removing the uncertainty and risk of non-compliance.

The scheme is only available for new build constructions and covers many types of floor and wall construction.

By choosing from the range of compatible wall and floor constructions and registering their use in your project with Robust Details Ltd the requirement to sound test is removed, providing the chosen details are followed correctly.

If working to the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH), Home Quality Mark (HQM) or BREEAM Multi-residential schemes, there are Robust Detail systems that award 1 or 3 credits upon registration.

Thermal Economics have 6 proprietary Robust Detail floor constructions, more than any other manufacturer. Three of our details provide 3 CSH, HQM or BREEAM credits.

To find out more about our proprietary Robust Details click on the links below.

A number of Robust Details utilise generic products that meet certain performance criteria. A number of Thermal Economics products fall into these categories. To find out more about these products please click on the links below.