Isorubber FR is an acoustic isolation and vibration reduction mat that provides a fixed resilient layer for floor construction. It is primarily used in concrete floor systems to achieve Approved Document Part E compliance but can also be used in general sound proofing applications. It can also be used as the main acoustic component of the Robust Detail E-FC-9 and E-FC-10 constructions. Isorubber FR achieves a Euroclass Cfl fire rating, which means that it is classed as flame retardant.

• Very shallow solution, only 3mm thickness.
• Achieves a Reaction to Fire rating of Cfl (ISO 11925/EN 13501)
• Continues to perform for the lifetime of the building.
• Suitable for use with under floor heating.
• Simple installation.
Roll Size: 3mm x 1m x 20m
Roll Weight: Approx. 42Kg for 3mm variant (11 Rolls per pallet)
Density: 600Kg/m3
Isorubber FR is an acoustic insulation available in a standard 3mm thickness with others sizes available to order, but only the 3mm version falls under the Robust Detail scheme. It is adhered to a floor surface, absorbing impact sound and vibration at source. It is an incredibly durable acoustic underlay with added fire retardant. It is tested in accordance with EN 13501-01 to achieve a Reaction to Fire rating of Cfl. This means that it is classed as flame retardant and has limited contribution to fire which goes beyond the normal requirements of an acoustic covering. Isorubber FR provides an extremely cost effective method of achieving Approved Document Part E compliance when carrying out pre-completion testing or working to Robust Details.

Isorubber FR is very easy to install and is suitable for use with many types of hard and soft floor coverings including carpet, hardwood and vinyl.