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The Isosonic Dekfloor 30 system combines an acoustic insulation and structural timber deck, reducing installation time and overall floor depth.

It is ideal for refurbishment projects, as floor heights are not drastically altered to incorporate the acoustic insulation.

  • Single fit structural floor and acoustic insulation.
  • Dekfloor 30 utilises an extremely dense Isorubber layer to reduce noise transfer, this limits the amount of movement in the deck and eliminates the “bounce” that is associated with similar products that use soft foam acoustic layers.
  • Purpose made Isoedge strip is used around the screed perimeter to eliminate flanking sound transfer.
  • No long term / short term deformation of acoustic layer. Suitable for use with Under Floor Heating.
Acoustic Performance: Test results will vary for each floor type.
Site test performance: Impact = 59dB LnTw Airborne = 50dB Rw + Ctr

Isosonic Dek 30
Board Size: 30mm x 2.4m x 0.6m
Board Weight: 16.04Kg (62 boards per pallet)

Floorbond Adhesive
Bottle Size: 1L
Bottle Weight: 1Kg
Coverage: Approx 24m2 of Platform Floor (per bottle)

Isoedge 6/75
Roll Size: 6mm x 75mm x 50m
Roll Weight: 1.5Kg (15 Rolls in a Bag)
Density: 30Kg/m3

Isosonic Ceiling Cleats
Bag Quantity: 100
Bag Weight: 2Kg

Isosonic Ceiling Strip
Roll Size: 40mm x 25m
Roll Weight: 0.8Kg (10 Rolls in a Bag)
Density: 30Kg/m3

Isosonic Dek 30 is a 30mm thick structural acoustic floating floor comprised of 22mm P5 chipboard that is bonded to an 8mm thick dense rubber acoustic layer. The chipboard layer has T & G joints that should be bonded with Floorbond adhesive.

The P5 chipboard used in the production of Isosonic Dek 30 is sourced from sustainable supplies. Isosonic Dek 30 has a Global Warming Potential of Zero and an Ozone Depletion Potential of Zero.

Floorbond Adhesive is a low viscosity water resistant wood adhesive used to bond the T&G joints of Isosonic Dek 30. It is fast setting, will not discolour overlays and has good heat resistance.

Isosonic Cleats provide acoustic separation to a standard MF ceiling construction. A universal fixing, they simply replace the standard soffit cleats and should be compatible with all MF ceiling constructions.

Isosonic Ceiling treatments utilise Isosonic Hangers or Isosonic Brackets to separate the plasterboard from the joist. This extensive range of acoustic hangers and brackets provide the flexibility to design a ceiling to suit most situations.

The Isosonic Hangers are attached to the bottom or side of the joists and hold 50 x 50mm battens which the plasterboard is then fixed into. An acoustic foam or rubber layer within each hanger isolates the battens from the joists, reducing direct sound transfer between the joist and the plasterboard.

The Isosonic Brackets are attached to the bottom of the joists and hold 50 x 50mm battens or standard metal channels which the plasterboard is then fixed into. Specially designed rubber fixings isolate the brackets from the joists, reducing direct sound transfer between the joist and the plasterboard.

Please refer to our Brackets and Hangers page for further information regarding the options available.

Isosonic Ceiling Strip should be used around the ceiling perimeter to help reduce flanking sound transmission.

The Isosonic Dekfloor 30 system consists of 30mm Isosonic Dek 30 boards fitted directly over timber floor joists. This makes it ideal for refurbishment projects where the floor boards are being replaced and a new acoustic floor is required.

To achieve Part E compliance 100mm thick low density mineral wool is required between the joists with an Isosonic Ceiling treatment below.

An Isosonic Ceiling is also required, consisting of Isosonic Cleats with an MF ceiling system. Alternatively, Isosonic Hanger or Isosonic Bracket systems can be used. All ceiling systems are under drawn with a layer of 12.5mm plasterboard and either a layer of 19mm plasterboard plank or 15mm Soundbloc board.