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The Isosonic Platform Floor system is easy to install acoustic treatment. It incorporates Platform Floor floating floor and an Isosonic Ceiling system. Platform Floor is a composite of T & G chipboard and acoustic layer and provides a compatible base for almost all types of floor covering including carpets, vinyl, stone, ceramics, solid wood and laminates.

  • Exceeds Building Regulation requirements.
  • Robust Detail FFT5 compliant.
  • Range of ceiling solutions available.
  • Suitable for all types of concrete floor.
  • Ideal for use in refurbishment projects.
  • Tried and tested solution which has been widely used since 2003
Acoustic Performance:
Test results will vary for each floor type; however as a Robust Detail compliant Floating Floor Treatment it must achieve: Laboratory performance = 17ΔLw
Isosonic Platform Floor
Board Size: 25mm x 2.4m x 0.6m
Board Weight: 19Kg (84 boards per pallet)
Isosonic Hanger Type C
Box Quantity: 100
Box Weight: 10.8Kg
Isosonic Ceiling Strip
Roll Size: 40mm x 25m
Roll Weight: 0.8Kg (10 Rolls in a Bag)
Density: 30Kg/m3
Floorbond Adhesive
Bottle Size: 1L
Bottle Weight: 1Kg
Coverage: Approx 24m2 of Platform Floor (per bottle)
Isoedge 6/75
Roll Size: 6mm x 75mm x 50m
Roll Weight: 1.5Kg (15 Rolls in a Bag)
Density: 30Kg/m3

Platform Floor is a 25mm thick acoustic floating floor comprised of 18mm P5 chipboard bonded to a 7mm thick acoustic layer. The chipboard layer has T & G joints that are bonded with Floorbond adhesive.

The P5 chipboard used in the production of Platform Floor is sourced from sustainable supplies. Platform Floor has a Global Warming Potential of Zero and an Ozone Depletion Potential of Zero.

Platform Floor is a robust detail compliant floating floor, complying with the requirements of FFT5. This floating floor treatment can be used in Robust Details E-FC-1 and E-FC-2.

Floorbond Adhesive is a low viscosity water resistant wood adhesive used to bond the T&G joints of Platform Floor. It is fast setting, will not discolour overlays and has good heat resistance.

A standard metal frame or Isosonic Ceiling system is also required to the underside of the structural floor. The type and depth of the ceiling are dependent on the structural floor thickness (please check our installation guides or contact our Technical Department for further information).

The Isosonic Ceiling treatment utilises Isosonic Hangers Type C to separate the ceiling from the structural floor. Isosonic Ceiling Strip can be used around the ceiling perimeter to help reduce flanking sound transmission. Mineral wool can be included in the ceiling void to improve test results, this is recommended in beam & block constructions, as they have a lower mass than pre-cast plank and in-situ concrete floors.

The Isosonic Platform Floor system consists of 25mm Platform Floor fitted over a minimum 65mm sand & cement or minimum 40mm proprietary screed or a power floated concrete surface. The structural floor must be a minimum mass of 300Kg/m2 per unit area. This system can be used with all masonry external flanking wall constructions (600 – 800Kg/m3, 1350 – 1600Kg/m3 & 1850 – 2300Kg/m3). A metal frame ceiling with a minimum void of 100mm or an Isosonic Ceiling is also required. Both ceiling details are under drawn with a layer of gypsum based board (minimum 8Kg/m2).

The extensive site testing carried out shows that the Isosonic Platform Floor system can achieve 3 Code for Sustainable Homes Credits, subject to pre-completion testing.