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Alreflex 2L2 is a foil bubble insulation that can be used in cavity wall, dry lining and cold bridging applications. It is a versatile and low cost insulation that can also be seal as a vapour barrier or used as a dpm in detailing work. It is BBA certified for use as a cavity wall insulation and cavity rain barrier and as a dry lining insulation.

Alreflex 2L2 is available in two thicknesses 3mm (SRO) and 6mm (FR).

Product Benefits:
  • Over 45 million m2 installed in the UK.
  • Low cost solution.
  • Simple installation.
  • Zero GWP and ODP.

Thickness: 3mm or 6mm
Roll Sizes: 1.05m x 25 or 50m, 1.2m x 25 or 50m & 1.5m x 50m
R-value of Alreflex Foil and cavity to both faces: 1.56m2K/W*
Foil Emissivity: 0.05
*value shown is for 6mm thick Alreflex 2L2 FR & non-ventilated cavities min 25mm, does not include foil laps

Cavity Insulation

Alreflex 2L2 can be used in cavity wall construction to achieve a U-value of 0.35W/m2K. This is a low cost solution to provide Approved Document Part L 2006 compliant U-values or provide significant levels of insulation where building regulations are not needed or are not applicable.

Dry Lining

Alreflex 2L2 can be used as a dry lining to improve U-values, reduce air permeability and lower thermal mass in new-build and refurbishment applications.

Detailing Work

Alreflex 2L2 is a maximum of just 6mm thick and is extremely flexible, this makes it the ideal solution for preventing cold bridging in difficult detailing areas and in reduced cavity widths. It is regularly used around steel columns, windows and doors, slab edges and wind posts in this type of application.

Alreflex 2L2 is a versatile insulation that has been used by some of the largest house builders in the UK for more than a decade. Predominately used as cavity wall insulation and cavity rain barrier, it can also be used as a dry lining providing the dual function of enhancing the U-value and reducing the air permeability. As a completely flexible and waterproof product Alreflex 2L2 is also used in difficult detailing work and curved structures, where it is not possible to use rigid conventional insulations.

Alreflex 2L2 has excellent environmental credentials. It has a Global Warming Potential of zero and an Ozone Depletion Potential of Zero. No CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs are used in the production of Alreflex 2L2.