Isorubber FRB is an acoustic isolation and vibration reduction mat that provides a fixed resilient layer for floor construction. It is primarily used in concrete floor systems to achieve Approved Document Part E compliance but can also be used in general sound proofing applications.

Product Benefits:
• Very shallow solution, available in 2mm & 3mm thickness.
• Achieves a Reaction to Fire rating of Bfl (ISO 11925/EN 13501)
• Continues to perform for the lifetime of the building.
• Suitable for use with under floor heating.
• Simple installation.
Roll Size: 3mm x 1m x 20m
Roll Weight: Approx. 35Kg for 3mm variant (11 Rolls per pallet)
Density: 535 - 635Kg/m3
Approved Document Part E Compliance

Isorubber FRB can be fitted over minimum 65mm sand & cement screeds, minimum 40mm proprietary screeds, power floated concrete surfaces or leveling compounds. The structural floor must be a minimum mass of 300Kg/m2 per unit area. Compliance can be achieved with all masonry external flanking wall constructions (600 – 800Kg/m3, 1350 – 1600Kg/m3 & 1850 – 2300Kg/m3). A metal frame ceiling with a minimum void of 100mm or an Isosonic acoustic ceiling is also required. Both ceiling details are under drawn with a layer of gypsum based board (minimum 8Kg/m2).
Mineral wool can be included in the ceiling void to improve test results, this is recommended in beam & block constructions, as they have a lower mass than pre-cast plank and in-situ concrete floors.
Isorubber FRB is an acoustic insulation available in a 2mm or 3mm thickness that is adhered to a floor surface, absorbing impact sound and vibration at source. It is an incredibly durable acoustic underlay with added fire retardant. It is tested to achieve a Reaction to Fire rating of Bfl, this is beyond the normal requirements of an acoustic covering. Isorubber FRB provides an extremely cost effective method of achieving Approved Document Part E compliance when carrying out pre-completion testing.

Isorubber FRB is very easy to install and is suitable for use with many types of hard and soft floor coverings including carpet, hardwood and vinyl.