With a shortfall in the housing sector the number and type of existing building being converted into dwellings is greater than ever.

Thermal Economics can provide acoustic flooring solutions for all types of conversion, from concrete floors in office blocks to timber floors in houses.

Isorubber Base
Isorubber Base is a versatile 6mm thick acoustic rubber mat that can be used in a number of applications.
The Isosonic Basefloor system utilises Isorubber Base below a screed and is suitable for most types of concrete structural floor.
Isorubber Base is also used in the Isosonic Timberfloor system, a solution that has been used in new build and refurbishment projects for more than a decade.

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Isorubber Top
Isorubber Top is a 3mm thick acoustic soft covering for use in concrete floor constructions and is suitable for use beneath most types of floor finish including ceramic tiles and vinyl.

It is used in the Isosonic Topfloor systems and is suitable for use over all types of concrete floor.

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Platform Floor
Platform floor is a 25mm thick floating floor comprised of 18mm T&G Chipboard and a 7mm acoustic layer and is Robust Detail FFT5 compliant.

Platform Floor can be used over a timber or concrete structural deck and is utilised in our Isosonic Platform Floor solutions.

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Isosonic Dek 30
Isosonic Dek 30 is a 30mm thick floating floor comprised of 22mm structural grade chipboard and an extremely dense 8mm rubber acoustic layer. Isosonic Dek 30 can be used as a structural timber deck, directly applied over joists, making it ideal for refurbishment projects where the floor boards are being removed. This application is detailed on our Isosonic Dekfloor 30 page. Isosonic Dek 30 can also be used as a fully supported floating floor over timber and concrete structural decks.

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Isosonic Screed Plank
Isosonic Screed Planks are high mass T&G floating floor boards designed for use in combination with the Isorubber range of products in lightweight floors. There are two types of board available, ISP and ISPS. The ISP boards are for use over a structural timber or concrete deck.

The ISPS boards are suitable for use as a structural deck, directly fitted over joists.

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