Thermal Economics offers on-site training service for customers either using our products for the first time or to refresh knowledge within the team to ensure products are installed correctly and effectively. Whilst our products come with guides, some people gain more confidence seeing the installation process happen before they tackle an installation themselves.

We run two core types of training:

Tool Box Talks

These sessions are designed for users who have not used our products before and are unsure or lack confidence in installing these materials. We arrange for one of our team to visit your site to discuss the installation process with the people who will be carrying out the work. During the session, all questions can be answered in relation to the particular project. Then, when it comes around to the installation, the products can be installed correctly in optimum time which means no impact to your build.

Robust Detail Training

All Robust Details that utilise an under screed acoustic layer now require on-site training to ensure the products are being installed correctly. This training session also provides the opportunity for installation questions to be answered in relation to the current project. Thermal Economics provide this service free of charge to customers using our E-FC- 4, E-FC-12 and E-FC- 14 details.

When you register one of our systems with Robust Details and it has been processed, we get notified and will give you a call to arrange the training.

Please contact our Technical Department to discuss any of your training requirements on 01582 544256 or email [email protected]