Thermal Economics is Shortlisted for the CIBSE Building Performance Awards 2018

We’re delighted that Thermal Economics Alreflex Full Fill has been shortlisted for Energy Saving Product of the Year in the CIBSE Building Performance Awards 2018! Alreflex Full Fill is a new product to our range of masonry cavity wall insulation, specifically designed as a solution for dense blockwork inner-leaves.  Alreflex Full Fill has been tested by the BBA, and is accepted by the NHBC as a full-fill cavity insulation board.

As the construction industry is accelerating to build more and more housing, demand for high-performing, autoclaved aerated blocks has outstripped supply and many builders are using heavier, dense aggregate concrete blocks instead.  In traditional masonry cavity construction, the higher thermal conductivity of the dense blocks means that a thicker insulation board is needed to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations; which also means wider cavities and increased costs.  However, 90 mm Alreflex Full Fill can be installed in a standard 100 mm cavity with a U‑value of 0.28 W∙m‑2∙K‑1 (or 0.22 W∙m‑2∙K‑1 with block at 0.11 W∙m‑1∙K‑1).

Reflective foil technology

Alreflex Full Fill is an enhanced, expanded polystyrene board that uses our innovative, reflective foil technology to reduce radiated and conductive heat losses and provides a cavity rain barrier to prevent rainwater ingress; our new cavity wall insulation boards have a lower thermal conductivity than mineral wool insulation products, with an improvement in thermal resistance of nearly 50% (assuming thermal conductivity of 0.044 W∙m‑1∙K‑1 for mineral wool).

NHBC allows for a small air gap between the foil face of the Alreflex Full Fill cavity insulation board and the outer-leaf; which is cleaned of mortar snots during construction.  A masonry cavity wall insulated with 90 mm Alreflex Full Fill was subjected to an extensive testing regime by the BBA in Watford for resistance to rainwater penetration, after which it was found that no moisture had penetrated the cavity.  This air gap also creates a super insulating layer with an equivalent thermal conductivity of 0.026 W∙m‑1∙K‑1 (Thermal conductivity of the Alreflex Full Fill cavity wall insulation board is 0.030 W∙m‑1∙K‑1).

Good for the environment!

Like our partial-fill Alreflex Platinum cavity wall insulation, Alreflex Full Fill has a zero O-zone depletion level and a Global Warming Potential of less than five.  Boards are manufactured to order, so that bespoke sizes can easily be accommodated and we reduce the impact of production on the environment as part of our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Our expanded polystyrene boards are designed to last the lifetime of the building, and can be removed and re-used in other building projects upon deconstruction.

Alreflex Full Fill can be ordered from most builder’s merchants and distributors, and is available throughout the United Kingdom.  For more information please visit the Alreflex Full Fill page on our website to download BBA certificates and technical data.

Thermal Economics can also provide U‑value and condensation risk assessments on request by contacting our technical department on 01582 544255 or email [email protected].