Thermal Economics launches the Isosonic Batten

Acoustic battens are known to be a simple and effective method to reduce impact and airbourne sound through seperating floors. Thermal Economics has developed a new competitively priced batten that manages to reduce the amount of floor “bounce” whilst maintaining high acoustic performance.

Key features

1. High Performance

The performance critera were established to ensure that Battens not only achieved Approved Doc. Part E compliance, but also meet Robust Details requirements. To do this the battens needed to have an impact reduction value of at least 17dB. Isosonic Battens achieve a reduction value of 19dB, exceeding these minimum performance requirments.

2. Construction and Cost benefits

The Isosonicbatten is made from chipboard. This not only facilitates a considerable cost saving, but also eliminates the problem of warping; a constant bug bear of soft wood.

The battens are supplied in 60mm and 70mm sizes

  • Both battens are 2.4m long and 50mm wide.
  • Isosonic Batten 60 complies with Robust Details FFT1
  • Isosonic Battens 70 complies with Robust Details

3. Pricing

Quotes for recent projects have proven to be successful and very competitive. Thermal Economics has already been quoting for projects and feedback on orders over 10,000m2 is that these Battens are at least 20% cheaper compared to similar products (like for like).

If you would like to get a quote for a current project, please contact the sales team on 01582 544256 or email them at [email protected] If you have any further questions on the battens, please contact our technical team on 01582 544255 or email them at [email protected]

For more information on the battens, click here