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Alreflex Ultratherm is a very high performance insulation that can be used in cavity wall, steel frame, timber frame and dry lining applications.

Product Benefits:
  • BBA certified insulation and cavity rainwater barrier. Can be sealed as vapour barrier.
  • Simple installation.
  • Zero ODP and GWP<5
Board Sizes:
450mm x 1200mm
1200mm x 2400mm

Board Thickness: available in 5mm increments from 25mm

K-value of Board: 0.022W/mK

R-value of Alreflex Foil and cavity to face: 0.79m2K/W*

Density: 30Kg/m3
*value shown is for non-ventilated cavity min 25mm.
Cavity Boards

Alreflex Ultratherm cavity boards are designed for use in masonry and framed structures. These boards incorporate our unique 50mm Alreflex foil lap along the bottom edge of the board. When weather lapped, these boards create a BBA certified cavity rain barrier.

Dry Lining Boards

Alreflex Ultratherm dry lining boards are square edged and can be sealed with Alu Tape to create an internal vapour barrier. These boards can be fitted between battens or with our unique bracket system to minimise cold bridging.

Alreflex Ultratherm is our highest performing rigid board insulation. The boards are BBA certified and consist of PIR insulation board with Alreflex bubble foil insulation bonded to one face. The combination of PIR and Alreflex foil provides a very high performance insulation and cavity rain barrier. It can be used in cavity wall, metal frame, timber frame and dry lining applications.

Available in 5mm thickness increments from 25mm Alreflex Ultratherm can be used to meet most U-value requirements. From standard regulation compliance and general improvement to achieving extremely low U-values for Home Quality Mark, Code for Sustainable Homes or FEEs compliance.

With a BRE Green Guide A+ rating Alreflex Ultratherm has excellent environmental credentials. It has a Global Warming Potential of less than 5 and an Ozone Depletion Potential of Zero. No CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs are used in the production of Alreflex Ultratherm. Various board forms are available to suit applications.