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Springvale Platinum Beamshield Plus is an insulating suspended ground floor system. The next generation of beam & block floors, the Beamshield system uses specially designed graphite enhanced EPS units in place of the blocks. These units fit between and beneath the concrete T beams providing total floor insulation and reducing the cold bridging of the beams. This is covered with a structural screed, providing the finished floor surface.

  • BBA certified.
  • U-Values of 0.09W/m2K achievable.
  • Complete solution with whole floor coverage including fully insulated perimeter details.
  • Simple installation.
  • Insulation and formwork in one.

This is a bespoke solution; project specific information can be supplied upon request.

Insulating beam and block floor system for use where very low U-values and a shallow construction depth are required.

Springvale Platinum Beamshield Plus is a BBA certified suspended ground floor insulation system designed to achieve very low U-values. The system uses traditional cast concrete beams and specially shaped EPS infill units to replace the blocks, providing insulation between the beams and a continuous layer beneath. A structural concrete topping is required over the formwork.

The Beamshield system is made to suit the exact dimensions of each building. The units are available in various forms with starter units and end units available, maintaining insulation continuity across the entire floor. Half size units and units with extended toe sections for double and triple beams are also available within the system.

The Beamshield units can be made to suit most beam types and the dimensions can be altered to achieve specific U-value requirements.

Please contact the Thermal Economics Technical Department on 01582 544255 to discuss your ground floor insulation requirements.