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Therma-breathe is the only breather membrane on the UK market that breathes over its whole surface. Due to its unique spun bond structure Therma-breathe provides excellent resistance to water and air penetration while allowing moisture vapour to disperse.

Product Benefits:
  • Lowers U-Values.
  • Suitable for use in all exposure areas.
  • Extremely cost effective solution.
  • Spun bond structure allows entire surface to breathe.
  • Reduces construction depth.
  • Can be left uncovered for up to 4 months without reducing performance.
  • Zero ODP and Zero GWP
Roll Sizes:
0.48m x 100m
1.5m x 100m
2.4m x 100m
2.7m x 100m

R-value of a single 25mm cavity to face:

Foil Emissivity:

Therma-breathe is a thermally insulating Class W1 breather membrane for use in timber frames, modular buildings and caravans.

Unlike other insulating breather membranes, Therma-breathe is suitable for use in all exposure zones.

The unique spun bond structure of Therma-breathe means that it provides an air tight, water resistant yet vapour permeable layer for use on the outside of framed constructions.

The Low E outer surface helps lower U-values and may allow thinner stud depths to be used with less insulation between the studs, helping to reduce the overall build cost. Therma-breathe is lightweight, strong and flexible making it easy to install. It is also extremely durable, retaining full performance when left uncovered for 4 months.

Therma-breathe has excellent environmental credentials. It has a Global Warming Potential of Zero and an Ozone Depletion Potential of Zero. No CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs are used in the production of Therma-breathe.