Isosonic Battens and have been designed for use in the construction of acoustic floating floors. They are available in various depths and can be used in concrete and timber floor constructions to achieve Approved Document Part E or Technical Handbook Section 5 compliance and in general sound proofing applications.

Isosonic Battens 70 are Robust Detail FFT 1 compliant and Isosonic Battens 60 are FFT 3 compliant. This means that they can be used as the main acoustic component in Robust Detail E-FC- 1, E-FC-2 and E-FC-7 constructions.

Product Benefits:
  • Robust Detail FFT1 & FFT3 compliant.
  • Chipboard core reduces warping and twisting of battens.
  • Acoustic layer designed to reduce “bounce” that is usually associated with batten floors.
  • Suitable for use on Precast Plank, Insitu Concrete and Steel Composite Floors.
Batten Sizes: Isosonic Batten 60: 60mm x 50mm x 2.4m Isosonic Batten 70: 70mm x 50mm x 2.4m
New Build and Refurbishment

The Isosonic Battens are used to create an acoustic floating floor treatment for use over most types of sub floor including: precast plank, in-situ concrete, steel composite and beam & block floors. They are suitable for use in new-build and refurbishment applications and are Robust Detail FFT 1 and FFT3 compliant. These constructions can also be pre-completion tested to achieve BREEAM credits.

A typical construction would consist of 60 or 70mm thick Isosonic Battens fitted over the floor surface with a flooring grade chipboard or similar fitted over. A metal frame or Isosonic ceiling treatment is generally required to the room below.
Isosonic Battens are made up of a chipboard core with an acoustic layer bonded to the top and bottom. This design is unique and gives a number of advantages:

  • The chipboard core means that the battens do not warp or twist, making installation simple and reducing wastage.
  • The addition of a second acoustic layer on top of the batten allows us to use a stiffer insulation, minimising the “bounce” that is usually associated with a timber batten floor.
The P5 chipboard used in the production of Isosonic Battens is sourced from sustainable supplies and the acoustic layers are made from recycled material. Isosonic Battens have a Global Warming Potential of Zero and an Ozone Depletion Potential of Zero.